Survivor Medical

Drop-proof, sanitisable tablet protection

• Durable silicone, polycarbonate and PET material
construction can be repeatedly disinfected using
hospital-grade wipes and cleaning solutions
• Designed and tested to protect against damage from
drops onto concrete
• Water, liquid, and dust-resistant
• See-through back for easy access to asset barcode
• Clip-on workstand locks open for viewing or typing
• Covered controls, hinged charge and headphone ports
• Compatible with the new 6th Generation iPad

Survivor Medical: Lab-Tested, Lab-Proven

168 hours of continuous exposure to 4 common hospital disinfectants

This testing method is equivalent to 3 years of disinfectant exposure in a typical hospital setting.

Can disinfect with common medical wipes
• Isopropyl alcohol wipes (70%)
• Quaternary alcohol wipes
• Bleach wipes/solution (10:1 dilution)
• Activated hydrogen peroxide

Disinfectants used in 168-hour tests
• PDI Sani-Cloth AF3
• PDI Super Sani-Cloth (55% isopropyl alcohol)
• PDI Sani-Cloth with Bleach
• Cavicide

Survivor Medical is the first drop-tested-onconcrete, made-for-healthcare tablet case

54% of doctors reported using tablets for professional purposes

They present a dangerous new surface for pathogens that cause Healthcare Associated infections (HAIs).

The CDC estimates that HAIs occur in 1 out
of every 25 acute care hospitalizations*

Tablet cases that can’t be properly cleaned
with hospital-grade disinfectants have no
place in healthcare settings.

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