Griffin 3A Car Charger wired USB-C

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Charge your new USB-C smartphones and tablets quickly and safely with PowerJolt SE for USB-C devices. Max-Rate Charging for USB-C devices. Designed to meet the power needs of Samsung, Nexus, LG, and Motorola smartphones; Google Pixel tablet; and more, PowerJolt SE delivers up to 15 watts of charging. Protects As It Charges - Built-in circuitry prevents PowerJolt SE from overcharghing your phone or tablet. And griffin's ChargeSensor technology detects your device's charging profile and delivers precisely the right amount of power. No Cable to Lose PowerJolt SE's heavy-duty 4 (1.2 m) cable is integrated with the lighter adapter, so you're never left looking for your cable. And the cable has a flat cross-section, which means it won't tangle. Torture-Tested. PowerJolt SE is torture-tested in our Quality Lab to make sure it will perform reliably day in and day out. UV and temperature testing simulate years inside a hot car. Extensive electronic testing verifies that PowerJolt SE meets USB-C's exacting power standards. Guaranteed for Life. You rely on your car charger every day. Which is why if PowerJolt SE ever fails to perform, we'll replace it. Free. Stay charged up and connected with everything that matters with PowerBlock SE for USB-C devices. Car charger for USB-C compatible devices. Delivers up to 15 watts of charging power: 5 volts @ 3 amps. Compact, space-saving design 4' (1.2 m) lay-flat cable, integrated with lighter adapter. Designed and tested to meet USB-C power standards. Not recommended for use with USB-C laptops; 15W output is insufficient to properly charge laptops. Guaranteed for Life
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