Product image 1Wired Keyboard iOS With Lightning Connector
Product image 2Wired Keyboard iOS With Lightning Connector
Product image 3Wired Keyboard iOS With Lightning Connector

Wired Keyboard iOS With Lightning Connector

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  • Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Available in Lightning or 30-pin dock connector
  • Familiar keyboard layout and feel matches that of Apple's Wireless Keyboard
  • One-meter built-in cable with connector
  • The security of a direct-wired connection
  • No batteries to replace; powered through the connector
SKU: XB38326


Chances are, at some point you're answering email on your iPhone and you really need a full-size keyboard. Or you're working on your novel on your iPad and you need room to stretch out your fingers and fly. We iOS users know there are plenty of occasions that cry out for a keyboard.

And as anyone knows who has ever worked in a school testing environment, or a government office, or even just flown on a plane, there are lots of times when we just can't use Bluetooth. Not only do we need a real keyboard, we need one with a real wired connection.

Which is why Griffin introduces its Wired Keyboards for iOS devices.

Plug the built-in Lightning connector into your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and suddenly that powerful full-featured computer in your hand gets the powerful full-featured keyboard your hands crave.

You get the full complement of familiar iOS key functions, with everything properly labeled and in the right place. The keys give you the tactile feedback that you're used to with a keyboard. We built it to be easy to take with you with a 1-meter cord that's long enough to let you set up your workspace the way you want. And there are no batteries to replace; the keyboard satisfies its minimal power requirements from its Lightning connector.

Griffin's Wired Keyboard with Lightning connector lets you realize the full potential of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Rockin' it old school? Griffin has a keyboard with a 30-pin Apple dock connector, too.

NOTE: We have had reports of users connecting this and other wired keyboards to unlock their iOS devices that have cracked or damaged screens with varying degrees of success. Because the nature and extent of screen damage varies, we cannot guarantee proper operation of our Wired Keyboard when connected to a device with a broken screen.

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