Powerbank 2500mAh

Powerbank 2500mAh

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Portable power whenever and wherever you need it. With this travel-friendly, 2,500mAh Reserve Power Bank, you'll get an essential battery boost for your smartphone or smart watch when it's running on low power while you're on the move.

Power Wherever You Are: Engineered with a smooth, compact form, this Power Bank easily fits into your on-the-go lifestyle, whether it's being slipped into your pocket, bag or packed in your backpack or luggage. With 2,500mAh, you can give your small devices the re-charge it needs before (or when) it hits 0% - perfect for a day out.

Plus, the Power Bank is effortlessly rechargeable using the micro-USB cable it comes with. And the built-in LED power gauge shows the battery's charge capacity with just a quick push of the power button.

How Much Power Is 2,500mAh?: This battery bank has enough power to give your smartphone 14 additional hours of talk time or 8 more hours of internet use (based on testing conducted on iPhone Xs).


  • Compact form
  • Add 14 hours talk time
  • Micro-USB effortless recharging
  • LED power gauge