Wireless Charging Powerbank, 5000mAh

Wireless Charging Powerbank, 5000mAh

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The Reserve Wireless Charging Power Bank is the one-stop shop for your mobile powering-up needs. With this one portable battery, you get three different ways to juice up your devices.

Three-In-One Portable Power Bank: Go where you need to go while staying untethered. The Reserve Wireless Charging Power Bank enables you to enjoy portable wireless power on the go, anytime, anywhere. Plus, it also functions as a wireless charging pad and a traditional wired power bank, so there's no excuse for your device to run out of battery.

Wireless Charging That's Actually Wireless: Unlike most wireless chargers that need to stay connected to a power source in order to charge your device, the Reserve Wireless Charging Power Bank functions as a true wireless charger. Just power it up like you would with any other portable battery, then take it with you on the go, no cables or power adapters necessary. When you're ready to charge, set the Reserve Wireless Charging Power Bank on any surface (or even hold it in your hand) and place your wireless charging-compatible device on the Power Banks surface, the LED indicator will light up to confirm it's charging; your device will be back to 100% in no time.


  • Power bank functions as a wireless charging pad for Qi-compatible devices
  • USB-A charge of 12 watts
  • Pass-through charging from micro-USB input to wireless output (5W)
  • LED indicator for wireless charging status
  • Power gauge display
  • Grip pads hold charging pad in place
  • Includes micro-USB cable
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