Product image 1Survivor Extreme for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
Product image 2Survivor Extreme for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
Product image 3Survivor Extreme for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus
Product image 4Survivor Extreme for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus

Survivor Extreme for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus

Regular price $69.95

  • Materials: High-durometer thermoplastic elastomer, shatter-resistant polycarbonate, silicone
  • In the Box: Survivor Extreme Case, Slide-On Screen Shield, User Guide
  • Warranty: One Year
SKU: TA43845


For maximum iPhone 8 Plus protection, Survivor Extreme is ready for anything. No matter what your day brings – snow, downpours, muddy drops – Survivor Extreme is unmatched protection for your iPhone 8 Plus.

Survive 3-m onto concrete – Survivor Extreme uses our exclusive Impact Dispersion System to prevent impact forces from damaging the phone when dropped. Molded-in bumpers inside absorb impact energy, while an outer impact-resistant shell prevents dents and body damage.

Safe from the sloppy stuff – Survivor Extreme protects your phone from weather, moisture, sand and more with an IP55 rated sealed shell. Controls and your Lightning port are covered, as well as your iPhone’s touchscreen. Waterproof, acoustically transparent membranes protect your phone’s speaker and mic openings without compromising sound.

Easy-to-install screen protection – Survivor Extreme protects your phone’s Retina display with a semi-rigid screen guard that slides on and locks with a snap. Your screen avoids grease, fingerprints and microscratches without altering sensitivity or the operation of Touch ID.

Four layers of protection working together - Durable, scuff-resistant rubber provides a sure grip no matter what the conditions, but allows Survivor Extreme to slide easily into your pocket. A textured unibody shell prevents dents to to your phone’s back and sides. A silicon inner ring provides added cushioning inside the case. And the screen screenshield keeps things safe up front.

Disinfectable - Looking for a case that's ready for the lab, clinic or healthcare practice? You need Survivor Extreme, stat. We tested Extreme with the the most common types of hospital sanitizers, including bleach, isopropyl alcohol, and CaviCide – the chemicals used to kill nasties like TB, HCV, fungi and MRSA in healthcare settings. After the equivalent of 3 years of exposure to these harsh chemicals, Extreme showed no wear, degradation, or discoloration.

Keep your iPhone 8 Plus looking as good as the day it came out of the box, not matter how rough or sloppy the going gets with Survivor Extreme.

Tech Specs

  • Military Standard 810-G tested, real-world proven protection for your iPhone
  • 3-m drop-tested on concrete
  • Sealed, splash-proof design rated IP55 against water, sand and dirt incursion
  • Impact Dispersion System absorbs impact forces when you drop your phone
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